iKapa Youth Dance Theatre

The Youth Dance Theatre is a youth company and intensive training program for young dancers that are serious about following a career in dance and is a platform for training and performance experience as well as life skils development and cultural integration.

Dancers have been selected from iKapa’s Training & Outreach School and are assesed annually.

The iKapa company dancers lead the classes and are therefore active participants in skills transfer, leadership and guidance.  Dancers are trained to be versatile in all iKapa’s dance styles such as ballet, contemporary and African dance.

Current social networks in South Africa do not often facilitate cross-cultural learning.  In addition to this the training standards of Classical, Contemoary and African Dance combination proves to be low in comparison for the requirements of iKapa Dancer Thus a youth dancer may be invited to train through the apprenticeship program, depending on the dancer’s experience, aptitude and training, and this becomes an important stepping stone preparing dancers for working in a more professional setting.