Additional Programmes

Additional Programmes

Career fair

iKapa holds the career fairs annually for all high school students of iKapa Dance T&O programme and is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into potential career opportunities. By 2015, it is intended that this event be made open to all learners across Cape Town interested in pursuing a career in the arts and culture sector, and will be the largest arts career fair of its kind in the country.


Professionals in both theatrical and corporate careers participate to present the ins and outs of their particular career, providing information and answer questions. This will educate the learners about the different career paths available and what is needed to follow these careers.

Summer/ WinterSpring School

The winter school is for selected dedicated students of the Training and Outreach program. The Intensive Training Program enables the aspiring dancers to receive additional intensive technical training in the dance field.  The winter and summer schools are annual events and provide intensive training and activities to develop skills and knowledge in the arts for the selected students.

iKapa Dance Training and Outreach serves as a training ground for the Intensive training programs. Dedicated students are selected and enrolled in the additional classes. Students are transported from their community to the head outreach centre or Company Studio. Company members and guest teachers facilitate these classes and a life coach provides development workshops for the students.

The school involves all iKapa employees and volunteers, who are able to assist with coordination and offer workshops in additional skills development.

The aim is to nurture the talent of future dancers and it provides the selected students of the Training and Outreach School a chance to work on their technique and dance vocabulary.