iKapa’s Theo Ndindwa, a South African Hero

South Africans and etv are recognising those who have overcome obstacles to achieve extraordinary things, who are helping to build a better South Africa and who stood by their dreams to positively influence their community, despite the doubts of others.

Theo Ndindwa, co-founder of iKapa Dance Theatre with Tanya Arshamian was recently the recipient of this recognition for the incredible work he, and the iKapa team does by offering dance training as a means of expression, direction and social transformation within township communities. While Theo and the rest of the iKapa team may not consider themselves super stars, children copy what they see and hear, and it is vital for them to have role models who show them what actions deserve honor.

“A Community Hero is someone whose volunteer service to others embraces the Scottsdale sense of community, and who has not received an award for this volunteer effort.”

The acknowledgement that etv is affording these South African Heroes, honors these individuals’ responsibility to their community and their selfless dedication to the betterment of others and our community.

iKapa’s Theo Ndindwa, a South African Hero

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