Established in 2007 by Theo Ndindwa & Tanya Arshamian, iKapa Dance is built around artistic contemporary dance excellence and advanced dance training for a diverse group of South African performers. Empowering people through dance is the driving force and MISSION of iKapa.


A culturally diverse and high-quality arts & culture sector in South Africa that contributes to a healthy, inspired and empowered society.


The transformation of South Africa lies with the development of the disadvantaged communities and the youth. To rectify the imbalance of education, professional and vocational skills, social economy, and employment opportunities, the youth need to be disciplined, motivated and trained. Their creativity needs to be developed so that their learning within the classroom can be increased, their bodies need to be active for their brains to be engaged, their dreams need to be inspired for their careers to take shape, and they need to be nurtured so they can nurture their communities.

Arts & culture are vital to the heritage of the country and the growth and development of entrepreneurs, leaders and a united nation. Skills training and opportunities are lacking in areas where they could be having a significant impact.


Dance promotes creative thinking, scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, physical awareness, nutritional awareness, emotional awareness and access to opportunities. The arts provide inspiration, education, entertainment, unity while also contributing to the economy. iKapa Dance provides programmes that offer opportunities for community, youth and arts development.

The team has always looked for ways to inspire and motivate its dancers, learners, audiences and public and work in partnership with its Funders, Friends & Collaborators to achieve its goals.

To achieve the goals of the organisation the following activities have been designed:

  • Professional Company: creates and stages unique, educational and world-class dance theatre productions, engaging existing and new audiences throughout South Africa.
  • Youth Dance Theatre and Apprenticeship Programme: platforms for cultural integration and refining technical, performance and vocational employment skills for aspiring young artists.
  • Training and Outreach School: develops and empowers the youth in the previously disadvantaged communities of Gugulethu, Khayelitsha, Philippi and Crossroads.
  • Youth Development Centre: an area where all arts & culture activities can take place together, providing skills to all involved. This is a space of safety, learning, empowerment and education.
  • Transformation of Arts Management: a platform for employee and organisational development, through skills transfer and training support.

The Directors also lead additional projects that contribute towards the development of South Africa and the arts & culture sector, including:

  • OnPointe Dance Studio: provides adult and child dance classes to the wider public, as well as studio space for fellow artists.
  • In/Out Sessions: a platform for informal gatherings at either the iKapa Dance Space or alternative unconvential performance spaces, inviting the public to a creative and interactive evening where iKapa Dance Theatre and local artists present short performances. These sessions stabilise and consolidate grassroots organisations and take diverse artistic creations to public spaces in communities across Cape Town.
  • OnPointe Dance Hub: provides a space for choreographies, collaborations, productions and exhibitions to be created and showcased. The home aims to celebrate new work and innovative art, and to allow artists from all over the Western Cape to have a platform to strengthen and grow the arts & culture sector and heritage of South Africa. It is the base for iKapa Youth Dance Development activities.